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34 Star Flag-Civil War Camp Color

34 Star Flag-Civil War Camp Color


34 Star Civil War Camp Color American Flag

Civil War Camp Color Union Flag dates 1861-1863 with 34 printed Stars boasting a 7-7-6-7-7 pattern. In 1861 Kansas, as a free state (no slavery), became the 34th State to join the Union.

This particular type of flag known as a “Camp Color,” is one of the smallest official Union Army flags used during the Civil war. It was used to identify the Union Company’s encampment, often positioned outside the commander’s tent. The pattern of stars and design found on Camp Color flags vary, and although they were generally made under Government contract, individual manufacturers frequently put their personal mark on the flags during construction.

Flag size 18 ½” x 24 ½ “, made of wool, pressed- dyed Camp Color Stars and Stripes in the U.S. National pattern conforms to General Order No. 4, Headquarters of the U.S. Army, dated 18 January 1862. The 34 printed stars are arranged in five horizontal rows with seven stars in each of the upper two and bottom two rows while the indented middle row includes merely six stars. Along the edge of the fly the wool is rolled and lock stitched, typical of a Camp Color flag. The hoist is made of cotton, attached by lock stitching and display traces of pin marks suggesting it was possibly tacked to a staff. Although this Camp Color flag differs from flags using 2”- 4” sleeves it was not unusual to find deviations in construction, even though they were under government contract the description furnished was vague which allowed for variations from the individual manufacturers. Pressure mounted on 100% washed cotton fabric affixed on an acid free, archival backing; 33″ x 27″ Gold ornate frame.

Overall condition is very good to excellent considering it’s historical age and usage. It has fading and minor holes throughout the flag including several minor holes along the bottom stripe. Microscopy revealed a very interesting weave of 4-6 threads and 2-3 threads woven together along the entire top of the flag, most likely created for reinforcement.




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